Frequently Asked Questions

Should I seal my marble floors?

It is not mandatory. Sealers will not make marble impervious to etching but will help with the severity of the etches. It is recommended on such areas as vanities, bar tops, kitchen surfaces, etc. This must be done with an impregnating sealer, not an acrylic-type top coating.


What should I use to keep my floors clean?

Plain water mixed with a neutral cleaner is best, such as:
F. Ketner Marble Detergent.
DO NOT USE VINEGAR! It is a strong acid and will etch and dull the finish. Always make sure the cleaner you use is NON-ACID! If you are in doubt, use plain water.

How can I protect the high traffic areas?

Cover high traffic areas with an area rug. This is especially recommended at entrances. It is wise to have an outdoor mat as well as an indoor mat to remove as much grit, dirt, etc. as possible. Sweep and/or dry dust mop frequently. The cleaner the floor, the less abrasion to the surface.

Should I have my marble polished?

Yes. The final step in processing a marble tile is polishing. It is achieved with a chemical reaction between the marble itself and special polishing agents. To retain their beauty, marble floors should be re-polished at regular intervals. This will prevent heavy wear and dullness over time.

Should my marble floors be re-ground?

In rare situations of extreme damage, yes. In the majority of cases, they can be restored without grinding.

Should I use grocery store tile or toilet bowl cleaners on my marble?

No-No-No! These products contain acid which will severely etch marble.